Turning Interest into Action

In a community-based effort to help Kaiser High School overcome its budget shortfalls, several former student athletes, along with Kaiser’s retired athletic director, Theodore Fukushima, formed the Kaiser High School Athletic Foundation to ensure that the school’s athletic programs continue.  

Today, our efforts continued as a 501(c)(3) public charity with the desire for actions to speak louder than words.

2020 Kaiser HS STADIUM.jpeg


Together anything is possible

The transfer of the weight room to the old auto shop and the wrestling room to the old weight room has been completed. This has created a much better environment for our student athletes.   But, there is much more work that needs to be done for the facilities as well as equipment upgrades and assistance with support services like transportation. Some of the projects that are being reviewed with the state which may need assistance from the foundation are as follows:

  • Refinishing of the gym floor

  • Training room

  • Lockers in the boys’ varsity locker room

  • Field turf for the football field

  • Resurfacing of the track

  • Painting of the press box at the stadium

  • Baseball score board

  • Painting of the pool interior/exterior

  • Moving starting blocks for swimming to the deep end

  • Runoff drain pole vault for and long jump runway

  • Equipment upgrades

  • Transportation cost

As alumni of Kaiser High School, former student athletes and faculty, many of us were the beneficiaries of fairly new facilities which allowed us to compete and raised our competitive edge which help prepare us for our future endeavors.  It is our hope that you will join us in helping to provide that same competitive advantage for the current student athletes of Kaiser High Schools and help them to continue to challenge for championships. We can only be successful based on your participation so we look for more of you to get involved, please consider our membership besides attending our annual Lū‘au, stay connected to give back to our alma mater.

First Project Gets Under Way

Old weight room

The board has been having on-going meetings with Kaiser’s Principal John Sosa , Vice-Principal Tony Gayer and Athletic Director Rodney Iwasaki to determine where monies raised at the last luau will be targeted. Based on what projects are already in the works and funded by the state it was determine that the Kaiser High School Athletic Foundation’s funding would go to help move and improve the weight room, moving the weight room to where the old auto shop used to be. That move would allow for the wrestling room to move into the existing weight room area opening up classroom space above the original locker room where the current wrestling room is now.

The result of these moves will allow the weight room to expand its area making it safer when lifting, the larger area will also allow for greater usage for all student athletes.

Board members did a tour of the existing weight room as well as the old auto shop. The current timeline is to clear all material stored in the auto shop area during the spring break period allowing us to start initial work on flooring, electrical wiring and upgrading of the security system.

Once this area is prepped, towards the end of the school year, we will move the weights and exercise equipment.  The current weight room will then be prepped to receive the wrestling mats and other equipment. Because of this room’s original design there may be other use for the room during the wrestling off season, such as dance classes.

Ultimately these shifts will lead to opening up more classroom space where the current wrestling room is, which is needed for the anticipated increase in enrollment at Kaiser in the coming year.

These improvements would have taken years to complete under the state system, but through the support of the Kaiser High School Athletic Foundation and its members we have been able to accelerate the process, bringing these improvements sooner to Kaiser’s student athletes and the student body as a whole.

These are your contributions at work, so a BIG MAHALO for all of your support. We will keep you updated as this project progresses.


Kaiser High School Athletic Foundation Board